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I.C. Head Shot 2002 Nationals

I.C. in 2003 - Pretty Girl!

I.C. Portrait by Ann Clayton Photography

2013 Belgian Tervuren National

I.C., Paige, Yatzee, Ki

Paige 2013

Paige at an NW Trial


My Kids at Home

I.C., Paige,

Yatzee, Ki


Practising Conformation Self Stacking

Tail Wagging Dogs

Where Training is Tail Wagging Fun!

I.C. in 2000

I.C. at 11 weeks at 1st trial

I.C. in 2000

I.C. at 11 weeks - Portrait by Ann Clayton Photography

Lisa is a NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor



Ki Herding 2013 Belgian Tervuren Nationals

Ki Earns His PT

Ki Herding 2013

Herding in Nevada

Ki Herding 2013

Herding in Nevada

Ki-enne Puppy 2010

I've Got My Frisbee

May 2002 CH Snowflower Winter Rushette - I.C.

I.C. Earns Her Championship - Owner Handled

Paige earns RN with 100, 100, 90 and I.C. earns RN with 100, 96, 90

Rally Titles (RN)

Yatzee was the purple girl

Baby Yatzee

Ki Herding at the 2013 Belgian Terv Nationals

Ki Herding 2013 Belgian Tervuren Nationalselgian Tervuren Nationals

Where Training is Tail Wagging Fun!
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August 6, 2016

I met Lisa Kretner, approximately 12 months ago, at a Fred Helfers seminar that she was sponsoring in Roseville, CA for her students and other interested Nosework handlers. Lisa graciously let me come into the seminar, which I found listed on the NACSW website, at the last minute. I enjoyed myself very much, and was very impressed with Fred Helfers presentation, as well as Lisa’s warm welcome, and obvious organizational abilities.

As soon as I returned home, I emailed Lisa, thanking her for sponsoring the wonderful seminar, and asking her if she would consider allowing my dog, Annie, and I to come up for a private lesson in the near future. She got right back to me, and we scheduled two sessions over a weekend in Roseville.

Over a total of four hours time, Annie and I learned more about scent work from Lisa, than we had learned over the past year and a half with our local group. She broke down the weaknesses in my handling skills, gave me specific ways to improve, and help my dog during her searches. She observed Annie and I during searches, and demonstrated rewarding at source, searching low and high, and so much more.  By the time the sessions were over, our heads were spinning with new knowledge, and new found confidence!

Since that weekend, Lisa and I have kept up the correspondence, and she continues directing us, and pointing us to new training opportunities as they unfold.

I can’t tell you how much Annie and I appreciate how much Lisa has done for us as a nosework team. Lisa knows dogs, and understands people. She has an innate ability to tailor the instruction to meet your needs, and make you a better team. She is also a person of integrity who sincerely cares about her students. She does what she says she will do, and goes way above and beyond in the process!

I highly recommend Lisa Kretner, CNWI, to any nosework team, at any level, who wants first-rate nosework instruction from the best!


Nancy Frank and Annie

Proudly 2 of Lisa’s students

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