A little bully history…..

In early 2009 Mike and our Bullmastiff Rogue started on a special journey.    Bullmastiffs are not a breed that is thought of as an agility dog.  No instructor was very interested in training with her at 107lbs.  Then Lisa Kretner took Mike and Rogue under her wing.  She thought Rogue would make an excellent agility dog!  After a few short months of training in class and at her home Rogue was the 2009 American Bullmastiff Association Gold Medalist in the ABA Triathlon which consisted of agility, confirmation and rally/obedience.  Rogue competed in excellent level agility for many years and in 2012 and 2013 she was one of the Top 5 Bullmastiffs in agility, and even competed in the Eukanuba Invitational in Florida.  None of this would have been possible without Lisa and her dedication to Team Rogue!  She was our biggest cheerleader and #1 supporter.

In March 2011 Lisa started her first Nosework class and Bullmastiff Team Logan was honored to be one of her first students. Bullmastiffs are not a common breed for Nosework. To date there are only 12 Teams with Level 1 titles (3 from Lisa’s class), 6 Level 2 Titles (2 from Lisa’s class) and 2 Level 3 titles (one from Lisa’s class).  With Lisa’s support and excellent teaching Team Logan is competing towards his NW3 Elite Title and Team Jubilee is competing for her NW3 title.  Team Arya completed her NW1 right before her passing last year and Border Collie Team Chaos and Bullmastiff Team Zap have started their Nosework journey.   None of this would have been possible without Lisa’s tremendous teaching of our classes.

Lisa Kretner is an incredible teacher.  She is supportive, patient, kind and dedicated to ALL of her students.  She is ALWAYS there to share in our victories, and our miss-steps, forever encouraging our Teams, and always reminding us that first and foremost we are here to HAVE FUN with our dogs!    She always works with each Team individually, enhancing their strengths and working to improve on areas where they are struggling.  Her one on one attention to each Team is awesome!

We can’t imagine sharing our journeys with any other instructor.  Lisa is a treasure and we are honored to be part of her family of students and consider her part of our personal family.  If you are looking for a world class instructor, Lisa Kretner is everything you will want, and so very much more!

Mike and Kelley Morrison

Jubilee, Logan, Chaos,  and Zap

And forever in our hearts Rogue and Arya