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Joanne Prada.  (11/2014)

I have trained with Lisa Kretner for over 7 years in both Agility and Nose Work with my Aussies.

Though I was fortunate to have trained with many highly skilled and committed trainers in the

past, Lisa stands out as someone with an amazing generosity of spirit who cares deeply for her

students (both human and furry.)


Lisa goes above and beyond in her support of each of her students. I will always remember Lisa

faithfully planting herself ringside at an Agility trial for her competing students. No matter that

she herself may have been preoccupied with running her own dogs; she was always there to

offer those crucial last minute tips, support and encouragement. She consistently puts her

students and their dogs above all else and to this day Lisa remains their head cheerleader

and coach.


This is why Lisa Kretner has such a loyal, tail wagging fan club….