FlashFire-Snoflower IC 5 of a Kind, PT (Yatzee) 

Yatzee’s first love was being a lap dog. She would stretch out and lay on me with her head on my shoulder. But if a free lap was not available, her next love was herding. She could walk up to and within the herd of stock without causing any worries or concerns for the stock, but when she wanted them to move, move they did. At home she dabbled in agility, rally and nosework.

DSC_0126purple face Quick e-mail viewDSC_0025a YatzeeIMG_0648a2IMG_0664 Moving stock off the hayDSC_0086a Yatzee IMG_0110 IMG_0116 IMG_0124 IMG_0121IMG_0939aIMG_0121 IMG_0114IMG_0014 2DSC_0034a