FlashFire’s Amazing Luv Story


AX, AXJ, MXF, HT, RN, Elite 1

She is the “pink” girl from my first litter and she is an Amazing girl with always a lot to say! At about 3 weeks of age, Paige decided she was staying with us. She would climb out of the whelping box and sleep next to her mom (I.C.). Now at 15+ years she is still hanging in and smiling. She has earned the NACSW Elite 1 title in Nosework. Plus, she was 1st overall 3 times at NW3 trials. The 4th Tervuren in the United State to earn this title. She may have a few (ok a lot) grey hairs but she still greets me every morning with a wagging tail. It been an Amazing journey with my little Paige pup. We are learning new things every day.

IMG_2735Pink sit-watch me

Agility          Herding          Nosework          Rally     Confirmation


Paige 1st NW3 Paige 1st NW3-1st HITPaige NW3 Elite
Paige-aframe 10-07

Paige DW '07 Paige 9-06 #2 Paige 1st Major NW3 Elite 1st HIT (11-15-16)IMG_0547

IMG_6119 IMG_4723






IMG_0545 IMG_0543 IMG_0540
















IMG_2532 IMG_1270

IMG_0197 (2)



Paige ready for rain

IMG_1264IMG_0189DSC_0101a DSC_0001
IMG_6119 IMG_6125

Paige home Paige at camp Lisa and Paige at campIMG_0603

IMG_0093 IMG_0067

IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0091a




IMG_4821 Paige skims the jump