CH Snowflower Makes It Spicy for FlashFire (Ki-enne)

PT, Elite 2

Ki-enne is a very affectionate and loving boy. Always wanting to be where ever we are. Thanks to Jean Gauchat-Hargis he earned his championship in 3 months at the age of 2 years. He is enjoying herding and nosework. But best of all, is the joy he brings to everyone around him. Ki is gentle and thoughtful with the goats and sheep while herding. Occasionally, he can even be found in the middle of the stock, calmly walking along, effortlessly moving them where he wants them to go. In addition, Ki enjoys nosework and has earned his NACSW Elite 2 title. Plus, he has been 1st overall twice at the NW3 level and 2nd overall in one Elite trial.

The adventure continues for this sweet boy, now 8+ years.


IMG_0650a-Watching Sheep Quick e-mail viewIMG_0005 - Version 2IMG_4298IMG_3347