BJ was our first actual Belgian. He was a Malinois with a long coat and his full name was True Blew Creative Music (plus titles to be added later). He enjoyed a lot of activities such as lap dog and snuggler, agility, obedience, herding, schutzhund bite work and lure coursing.

Copy (2) of BJ in cat tunnel-12 wks Copy (2) of BJ head study2 at 1yr

Copy (2) of BJ jumping '98 DSC_0029BJ-bed Copy of Lisa'sbj Copy of BJ weaving Copy of BJ tire jump 2001-small Copy (2) of BJ tire jump BJ 1st herding lesson too BJ at 1 yr doing bite work-1 BJ at 1 yr doing bite work-2 Pc310003-head-2
BJ playing on teeter at home