Where can i buy viagra pills, Where can i get viagra in cork

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Where can i buy viagra pills, Where can i get viagra in cork


I.C. Head Shot 2002 Nationals

I.C. in 2003 - Pretty Girl!

I.C. Portrait by Ann Clayton Photography

2013 Belgian Tervuren National

I.C., Paige, Yatzee, Ki

Paige 2013

Paige at an NW Trial


My Kids at Home

I.C., Paige,

Yatzee, Ki


Practising Conformation Self Stacking

Tail Wagging Dogs

Where Training is Tail Wagging Fun!

I.C. in 2000

I.C. at 11 weeks at 1st trial

I.C. in 2000

I.C. at 11 weeks - Portrait by Ann Clayton Photography

Lisa is a NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor



Ki Herding 2013 Belgian Tervuren Nationals

Ki Earns His PT

Ki Herding 2013

Herding in Nevada

Ki Herding 2013

Herding in Nevada

Ki-enne Puppy 2010

I've Got My Frisbee

May 2002 CH Snowflower Winter Rushette - I.C.

I.C. Earns Her Championship - Owner Handled

Paige earns RN with 100, 100, 90 and I.C. earns RN with 100, 96, 90

Rally Titles (RN)

Yatzee was the purple girl

Baby Yatzee

Ki Herding at the 2013 Belgian Terv Nationals

Ki Herding 2013 Belgian Tervuren Nationalselgian Tervuren Nationals

Where Training is Tail Wagging Fun!
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